Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Practise your interview skills

I have a resource for you today which you may find especially useful if you have any job interviews lined up in the near future: the Monster.com Interview Centre has a virtual interview where you can practice answering interview questions before the big day. The link you need is: http://interview.monster.com/virtualinterview/campus/
and Monster.com state that:

'The Virtual Interview contains actual interview questions ranging from puff ball to killer. This interactive section gives you the opportunity to test your answers in a safe environment so that when the real thing comes along you can engage in a meaningful exchange rather than grope for a clumsy comeback.Some of these questions will seem more appropriate for new grads or entry-level applicants, while others will be for more experienced interviewees. Try your hand at both, no matter what your level, for the same principles apply'.

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