Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Does that sound like love to you?

An old song by a singer who irritates the heck out of me came on the radio yesterday. The song stuck in my head afterwards and I found myself singing bits of it. Then I actually listened to what it was that I was singing and was horrified. I have no wish to infringe copyright laws, so I'll have to paraphrase... Basically, the singer was saying to his sweetheart that he knew he was foolish, but, even though she treated him cruelly, he loved her and would continue to love her no matter how badly she treated him in the future.

Does this sound like love to you?
Do you aspire to have the kind of love that means that, no matter how badly your lover treats you, you will continue to love them?
Do you think that such a stance would encourage your lover to love you more or less?

For that matter, if the tables were turned, would you REALLY want to be with someone who would love you, no matter what you did to them and how cruelly you treated them?
Could you have any respect for them?

I hope not. And to the singer of the aforementioned song, I have just one thing to say:

'Get some self respect, man!'.

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