Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Help me - I'm a step-parent!

I’m not the world’s most natural step-parent. Most of the time, I just leave Chris and his kids to get on with it. They don’t need me hanging around and I’m pretty sure that the kids don’t want me hanging around, so I give them plenty of space in the form of weekends and holidays with their Dad.

A few weeks ago, Chris’s 17 year old son, Philip, decided that he wanted to move back in with us. He needed to pass his driving test first though, because we live out in the back of beyond and everywhere he needed to get to was at least a 30 minute drive away. So, a couple of weeks ago, he took and passed his driving test and we agreed that he would move back in over the Easter weekend.

The last time Phil lived with us was two and a half years ago when he was still a sulky adolescent, and I must admit that I found it difficult. I have never had a broody moment in all of my life. I’ve never wanted kids of my own and I’ll be honest and say that taking on someone else’s kids was (and still is) the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Before I met Chris, I lived on my own for 7 years and I loved every minute of it. I like my own space and I like peace and quiet. I think the hardest thing to cope with was all the noise that teenagers make – they can’t do anything quietly can they? And don’t get me started about their music – I have fairly eclectic musical tastes. I’m not living in the past - I love modern music and will listen to anything at least once… but that’s my point - I will listen to it – I don’t expect everyone else in the house to listen to it at the same time. So you can imagine my alarm when 2 guitars and an amplifier came through the door along with all his other stuff.

I’m thinking of going to live in a caravan in the garden…

P.S. I posted this blog entry and immediately did a Google search for quotes on aging for another blog that I write. I had to smile when I found the following:

'The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left.'
Jerry M. Wright

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