Friday, July 27, 2007

How sunglasses can put eye health in the shade

Sunglasses Do you put fashion and price before safety when choosing sunglasses? According to a recent report by the College of Optometrists, 80% of us would rather look cool than protect our eyes and 1 in 7 of us don't wear sunglasses at all!

Get the lowdown on sunglasses safety at:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tomato_img_0137 I'm not much of a cook - I'd much rather eat the results of someone else's efforts - but I bet even I could find something to inspire me in this New York Times article which offers 101 summer recipes designed to get you in and out of the kitchen in just 10 minutes or less! Check out all 101 at:

Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Friday, July 20, 2007

Do you hate packing?

Suitcases Here in the UK, the holiday season starts with a vengeance this weekend. From today the roads, motorways and airports will be packed with people desperately trying to escape the unseasonably wet weather that we are experiencing here at the moment.

Of course, people who are already retired have the luxury of being able to avoid peak holiday periods like the plague, but, whether you're retired or not, before you take your next trip, you may want to check out the following sites for ideas to help ease the burden of deciding what to take with you and how to fit it all into your baggage allowance:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Are you a Paraskevidekatriaphobe?

Stay_in_bed_today_note Do you suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia? If you do, you're really going to be having a bad day today. Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th and, apparently, $1 billion worth of commerce won't happen today, because people are too afraid to fly, travel, and shop. Find out more about Paraskevidekatriaphobia at:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Myths about oral health

Toothbrush I'm a bit fussy about my teeth. I brush at least twice a day and I always floss and use an interdental brush after brushing. And I've always brushed my teeth within a few minutes of finishing my breakfast... until today that is, when I read that:

"The worst thing that you could do is to brush your teeth straight after eating or drinking something acidic such as citrus fruit or fruit juice, because the acid actually softens the top layer of your teeth and by brushing you are actually scrubbing that bit off. Always wait half an hour before brushing so that your teeth have remineralised."


Read other myths about oral health in DIY Oral Health here

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The best reason to go out and buy a mattress immediately

Dust_mites I've been subscribing to the Health Tip of the Day from Health Coach Training for some time now and, to be honest, I haven't really learned a lot from them - until yesterday, when this little gem arrived in my inbox:

'It is best to get a new mattress every 7 - 10 years. Mattress weight will double in size from perspiration, oils and dust mites.'

Yuk. How disgusting is that?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What's on your 'To Do Before I Die' list?

Joan_jettI never thought I'd see my name on the same list as those of former US politician Dan Quayle and rockers Joan Jett and Patti Smith, but Wesley at LifeTwo has posted a great article about making a 'To Do Before I Die' list and he asked the rest of the Blogging Boomers to tell him something that we have on our own TDBID lists.

Find out what we all said here