Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Istock_000001380192small Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to everything that 2007 brings. How are you doing with the New Year's resolutions? Wavering a bit? How successful have you been, traditionally, with keeping the resolutions you've made? Most people fail with theirs before January is out...

Are you willing to try something different this year? Can you spare an hour or so to sit down with a pen and pad? It's quite simple, really. All I want you to do is imagine that it's 31 December 2007 and you are looking back over the year and everything that you have achieved during 2007. Then I want you to make a list of all your achievements during the course of the year.

What would you like to be writing on your pad? How would you like to have spent your year? What would you like to have learned? How fit would you like to be? Where would you like to have been? How successful would you like your new retirement business to have been?

Use the following categories to help you:

Retirement career/work
Personal Development
Fun/recreation/spare time/hobbies
Environment (home/garden/car/office)

Decide what you want to achieve this year in each category and then write it as if you have already achieved it, for example:

I had a brilliant time in Florida in March, in Ireland in August and ski-ing in Les-Deux-Alpes last week. I continue to exercise for an hour, 4 times a week and I have achieved my ideal weight of (you insert the figures) through a combination of exercising, healthy eating and portion control. My social life goes from strength to strength - I enjoy the cinema, theatre or meals out with friends at least twice a week and I am never short of invitations. My belly-dancing course has done wonders for my flexibility and my new internet-based business is starting to show a profit of (you insert the amount) each month.

Have fun with your list. What do you really, really want to be, do and have this year? Be as specific as you can. Then, come back tomorrow and I'll tell you more...

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