Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year! - Part 3

Istock_000001091885small1 When you have your written-down goals for the year, you need to chunk them down into monthly targets. For example, if you have written down that you (intend to) weigh 140 lbs on 31.12.07 and you currently weigh 164 lbs, then, if you divide the weight you need to lose (24 lbs) by 12 months, you can see that you need to lose 2lbs per month in order to make that desire a reality. That's not so difficult is it?

If you are starting with no savings and you want to have £5,000 in your bank account by 31.12.07, then you need to save £416.66 per month in order to make your goal a reality.

You can then go on to chunk this down even further into weekly and even daily targets - this makes your £5000 savings goal just £104.16 per week or £13.69 per day! What could you do to save or earn an extra £13.69 per day? And doesn't that sound much more manageable than £416.66 per month?

Put your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals or targets somewhere you can see them regularly - how about the wall above your desk or your kitchen noticeboard? If you want your goals to remain private, get some postcard-sized cards, write your targets on them and carry them around with you. Read them often. Write about them in a daily journal. Make up a treasure map - get yourself a pile of magazines, find pictures, headlines and other illustrations that relate to the things you want and stick them to a large sheet of paper or card. They could be pictures of places you want to visit or that car you want to own. You could have a picture of your dream house up there. Group them in a way that's meaningful to you. Then, put the treasure map where you will see it often - it helps imprint your goals into your subconscious.

Find ways to rehearse and emotionally enjoy the experience of achieving your goals before you actually achieve them. Do you want a new car? Something really special that feels to be out of your reach at the moment? Get yourself down to the car dealership and take a test drive of your dream car. Smell that new car smell. Get the feel of the steering wheel under your hands and the feel of the seat under your bottom. Hear the clunk of the door as you close it.

Then think of all the reasons why you should achieve this particular goal. Think how you will feel when you have achieved it. Think what a difference it will make to your life. Keep your focus and attention on what you want - not what you don't want. Be aware of The Law of Attraction - it's at work whether you are aware of it or not. Better to be aware and using it to your advantage.

Come back tomorrow if you don't know about The Law of Attraction and want to find out more...

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