Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Have you been printed?

I’m starting a new course today. This one will certify me to use ‘Print®’ with my clients. Print® is an assessment tool which helps us to understand why we act as we do. It identifies a person’s personality characteristics and gives them huge insights into their ‘unconscious motivators’ and their particular ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

I used the Print® assessment on myself yesterday for the first time. Whilst I was completing the on-line questionnaire (which took about 15 minutes), I started feeling quite sceptical because at each stage of the assessment, you are asked to make choices between pairs of statements. I had no problem choosing between most of the pairs but some were very difficult and the choice I was being asked to make didn’t feel logical . For example, I struggled with the choice between ‘I am adaptable’ and ‘I am strong’ – in actual fact, I am both strong and adaptable, so which one was I supposed to choose? Anyway, I followed their instructions, made my choices as best I could and then waited for the results to arrive in my email box.

Within one minute, I was opening my ‘Print Survey’ and I couldn’t believe what I read. It was me to a ‘T’. I’m a 5 major / 8 minor and I haven’t a clue what that means – that’s why I’m going on the course (to learn how to interpret the information generated) and I don’t know how they did it, but Chris and I laughed aloud with surprise and delight at the accuracy of the description. Chris is itching to have a go, but I’m not licensed to use it yet, so he’ll have to hang on until I’m trained…

I can’t wait to start the course – there are 72 different Prints® or personality types and I just love finding out what makes people act the way they do… don’t you?

Have you been ‘printed’ yet?

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