Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Do you travel for business in the UK?

Just heard about the following site from a contact on Ecademy

'Ladiesaway.com is a new networking concept designed for businesswomen who travel.
Have you ever thought of the number of occasions you’ve stayed in a hotel and there may have been someone else also staying there that you could have done business with, or perhaps someone who shares the same interests as you, and would have appreciated some company at breakfast, dinner or in the gym.

Well now you can meet those people because the ladiesaway.com network aims to put like-minded travelling businesswomen together.

All members of ladiesaway.com have access to our database of travelling businesswomen. So if you’re away on a business trip or travel around the UK on a regular basis, you can easily arrange to meet in advance.

Become a member of Ladiesaway and make all your business trips enjoyable and productive - let the ladiesaway network work for you.'

Sounds good to me and it's free to join!

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