Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happiness is a dry toothbrush...

Chris and I are both a bit fussy about our teeth – twice-yearly check-ups at the dentist, flossing, inter-dental brushing… we do it all. So you can imagine how disconcerted he felt when he came to brush his teeth yesterday morning and found his toothbrush already wet.

We have two bathrooms in our house – one downstairs and one en-suite upstairs. Since Chris, Philip (his 17 year old son) and I all need to get ready at roughly the same time each morning, the two of them use the downstairs bathroom and I use the upstairs one. Consequently, there are normally two toothbrushes in the stand in the downstairs bathroom – one that belongs to Chris and one that belongs to Philip.

Now Philip has been away for a few days. All the toiletries that he took with him have been returned to the bathroom, but his toothbrush was missing from the mug. All that remained was Chris’s brush… and it was wet. Now Chris was the second person to use the bathroom that morning and Philip had already left the house.

What would you have done? Used a toothbrush that you suspected had been used by someone else, even if it was your son? Or go and buy another one?

It’s a good thing that the only shop in our village opens at 6 am…

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