Friday, October 19, 2007

Why BLCK is the new green!

Baby_leaf_curly_kale Food companies are constantly releasing new products, but have you ever heard of a ‘new’ vegetable being launched? The food team at MSN hadn’t either, until they were sent a 'bucket load' of baby leaf curly kale - a new, fresh and tender variant of this member of the cabbage family and one that is being heralded as a new superfood.

In Why BLCK is the new green, the team take a look at the health benefits of BLCK and put it to the taste test. (And BLCK even has a website of its own at

Update: We've tried BLCK on a couple of occasions since I wrote this posting. It's tasty (much nicer than the original curly kale) and it cooks in the steamer in just 2 minutes. Definitely worth a try...