Saturday, May 12, 2007

Laziness_street_sign I don't often write a blog posting on Saturday, but I was up early today, catching up with my email backlog and, through a series of web-links (where you click on something of interest, which in turn leads to something else of interest, etc), I came across a relatively new blog by life coach Kamin Bell (pronounced Ca-meen). You can read Kamin's blog for yourself at What If You Believe? but I particularly enjoyed and could identify with the following posting, entitled What Looks Like Lazy:

What Looks Like Lazy...
can be so many other things. I recently coached someone regarding going for a new job. We discussed the actions he should take and the next steps. And...nothing. There are times that I am tempted to get frustrated when someone doesn't follow through, but how can I? I know for them, as I know for myself, that it's not lazy. I have watched myself over the years not do something I needed to or not go after something I want. I used to say I was a procrastinator. But I know better now. Sometimes is just plain old fear. But that fear holds information. What am I afraid of? What am I afraid will happen to me? Am I ready to do that thing I'm putting off? Do I need more information? Is the timing right? Is it fear of looking stupid or making a mistake? That's been a big one for me to deal with. I'm a recovering Virgo perfectionist. I work at being willing to be less than perfect and being willing to simply try.

And, sometimes I have to trick myself. Yesterday, I needed to send a long overdue email requesting assistance from someone (another challenge of mine, asking for help ). On the way home I had to stop at Target for a few things. And, since it's Easter season, my favorite candy, the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are in stock. I'm only allowed to buy 1, though. So, I promised myself that I could have the egg after dinner and only after I sent the email. Boy that egg tasted great knowing that I had followed through on my promise. Sometimes I have to set a timer for 15 minutes to get something started or completed. And, sometimes I journal to work out the feelings that are present and holding me back from doing what I know I must. And, sometimes it's recognizing the difference between a "should" and a "must" and following my heart.

So, no more labeling lazy or procrastinator. There's just some nugget of growth behind it that needs to come forward. Some stone to look under and say "hmm, isn't that interesting. I wonder what I'm afraid of?" and then go conquer it.

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